The Organisation of Jewish War Heroes

While the World’s nations fought for their freedom, the Jewish people fought for their existence

The Organisation of Jewish War Heroes

Lest We Forget

The whole world is aware of the Holocaust but how many know the story of the contribution of the Jewish fighter?

Over 60 million people lost their lives during World War II - men, women and children; soldiers and civilians.

In association with the Israeli Government and Yad Lashiryon (the memorial to the fallen soldier at Latrun), we have begun the fundraising process to create The Organisation of Jewish Heroes through the Museum of the Jewish Soldier in World War II. We feel that we MUST create a fitting tribute to the 1,500,000 Jewish soldiers who fought - and the 250,000 Jewish fighters who died - not just on the front line but with underground organisations and partisans determined not to let the forces of the Nazi regime and its allies take over their countries and exterminate the Jewish People.

We need your support and equally important, the stories of your family who made up the number of the Jewish War Heroes. Post their details here on this site and we will ensure their memory and the memories of their combat are not forgotten. Their memory will be preserved in a unique way, it won’t just be a name on a database but the museum will give access to information about the individuals life’s work to include pictures and family connections.

For our generation and beyond.

Our story spans the Jewish soldiers of all the countries of the Allied Forces and the underground fighters in occupied territory.


We are building a memorial to our own heroes - we need your help to make it happen. Click here to donate

We are building our database and we need your story and the stories of your family to add to our ever-growing database. Click here

One of the most awe-inspiring memorials to fallen soldiers who gave their lives for the continued sovereignty of the State of Israel has agreed to host the new Museum - see our progress online here and also via our FaceBook webpage.

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