The baggage insurance policy would insure a person's baggage.

The Technicalities The plan for baggage insurance may cover loss or damage to bags, personal effects or even travel documents. One of its benefits is the reimbursement of the required or consequent purchase of the necessities if the baggage has been misdirected or lost for more than a day.
The baggage insurance policy would insure a person's baggage like suitcase, trunk, other items placed inside, etc. The policy can also grant cover against damage or loss to brought baggage due to hostile activities like strike, riot, fire or anything similar to this nature. It could also cover to baggage that were stolen or destroyed from by accident while traveling.
Compensation for whatever loss or damage incurred due to the mentioned circumstances above is obligatory if enrolled in such insurance and if the items inside are all covered by the policy. Exclusions, in general, are those that are not literally stipulated in the policy. It may vary from one insurance provider to the other.

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